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GARMIN City Navigator Europe NT , SD Card

GARMIN City Navigator Europe NT , SD Card
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Model: GARMIN City Navigator
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Travel EUROPE & UK

Navigate the streets of Europe with confidence. This product provides detailed road maps and points of interest for your compatible device, so you can navigate with exact, turn-by-turn directions to any address or intersection. Route to restaurants, gas stations, lodging, attractions and more.

  • Includes more than 10.8 million km (6.7 million mi) of roads, including motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads, in Europe.
  • Displays more than 6.7 million points of interest throughout the country, including restaurants, lodging, border crossings, attractions, petrol stations, campsites, shopping and more.
  • Gives turn-by-turn directions on your compatible device.
  • Speaks street names (example: "Turn right on Main Street")
  • Includes navigational features, such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories and more.
  • Contains traffic data for compatible devices that use traffic receivers.
  • (DVD only) Includes MapSource® computer software that lets you plan trips on your computer and transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your computer and your device.
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Features full coverage for Romania, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Barthélemy and French Guiana, and increased detailed coverage for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also includes Western Europe and many countries in Eastern Europe, specifically:

Great Britain and Republic of Ireland

  • Great Britain: Full coverage
  • Scotland: Full coverage
  • Wales: Full coverage
  • Isle of Man: Full coverage
  • Northern Ireland: Full coverage
  • Ireland: Full coverage
  • Channel Islands: Full coverage
  • Gibraltar: Full coverage

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden

  • Denmark: Full coverage
  • Finland: Full coverage
  • Iceland: Full coverage
  • Norway: Full coverage
  • Sweden: Full coverage

France and Benelux

  • Andorra: Full coverage
  • Belgium: Full coverage
  • France (metropolitan area): Full coverage
  • French Guiana: Coverage for most urban areas
  • Guadeloupe: Full coverage
  • Martinique: Full coverage
  • Netherlands: Full coverage
  • Luxembourg: Full coverage
  • Réunion: Full coverage
  • Saint Barthélemy: Full Coverage

Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein

  • Italy: Full coverage
  • Austria: Full coverage
  • Switzerland: Full coverage
  • Liechtenstein: Full coverage


  • Malta: Full coverage

Spain and Portugal

  • Spain: Full coverage
  • Portugal: Full coverage
  • Gibraltar: Full coverage
  • Azores Islands: Full coverage
  • Canary Islands: Full coverage
  • Baleric Islands: Full coverage
  • Madeira: Full coverage


  • Germany: Full coverage

Czech Republic

  • Czech Republic: Full coverage


  • Greece: Full coverage
  • Cyprus: Full coverage

Eastern Europe

  • Estonia: Full coverage
  • Latvia: Full coverage
  • Lithuania: Full coverage
  • Poland: Full coverage
  • Czech Republic: Full coverage
  • Slovakia: Full coverage
  • Hungary: Full coverage
  • Slovenia: Full coverage
  • Croatia: Full coverage
  • Bulgaria: Full coverage
  • Romania: Full coverage
  • Turkey: Full coverage
  • Moldova: Major urban areas with intertown roads
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: Full coverage
  • Serbia: Full coverage
  • Kosovo: Full coverage
  • Montenegro: Full coverage
  • Albania: Major roads only
  • Republic of Macedonia (FYROM): Full coverage
  • Belarus: Major urban areas with intertown roads
  • Ukraine: Full coverage

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Whats in the Package?

    Garmin City Navigator NT,  Europe & UK Maps SD Card 010-D0036-00

    Comes in Garmin Retail Packaging so makes a Great Gift.
The microSD/SD card package includes a microSD card and an SD card adapter








        (the avarge delivery time for this item is 6-8 business days)


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